The Foxtrot Project V3

After 3 years of constant endeavour to promote independent music in India, we have come back stronger and tighter.

"The independent music industry, if there is any left, is suffering from acute shortage of investors and promoters. Its a problem nowadays that the newer generation is apathetic to going out of their cocoon and attend musical dos. The implication is direct downfall in the music business. Selling music is not a good business proposition anymore. However, having said all that, it is also true that this happens mostly because there are not enough good gigs happening with versatile artist line-up. Even in music, the compartmentalisation and regionalism is very prominent. To break these barriers and create more opportunities for the independent Indian musicians, we once again have the volume 3 of The Foxtrot Project. The motive is simple and same as always; take some good music to all of you out there."

This is the third instalment of Amuze Records' independent & crowd-funded music promotion project. The band/artist line-up will be finalised soon.

The album will feature all the artists' contribution like all previous versions in a compilation album. Recording and production will be done as we did for the previous compilations. The project will also feature the artists on selected cities post album launch in different gigs.

We need all the support from you guys to make this happen. The more of you come forward with your support, the easier it becomes for us. Our contribution amount is very nominal and starts from only Rs. 500/-. More information on this is available on our contribution page.

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