Terms & Conditions for entering Metal Hack

It is to be understood that this compilation is a project for promoting mainstream metal bands and artists in India by Amuze Records and its proprietor Arijit Chakraborty. If anyone is interested in contributing in this compilation then this document should be read by those interested party clearly to keep things in order and in proper perspective.

We will review the demo and then select the band/artist for recording. Once selected the band/artist will be requested to come to our studio for recording. However, before we start hitting hard on the hoard, lets understand each others well, so read on.

  1. The compilation is not primarily a profit making arrangements between bands/artists and the Amuze Records.
  2. This compilation offers a platform for mainstream metal bands to showcase their music to a greater audience.
  3. We accept only original music with original lyrics.
  4. Death, Black, Extreme and Core metal music is not our interest as of now. We are interested in Hard Rock, Punk, Heavy Metal, Speed Metal, Doom Metal, Thrash Metal and Groove Metal as of now.
  5. For the artists/bands who will be contributing, will have to sign a publishing and recording contract with us. Through this we will take the songs rights and make sure that the entire process is legal.
  6. Amuze Records will not be held responsible for any copyright infringement.
  7. Amuze Records logo and emblem will always be present on any physical or digital material containing the songs.
  8. The compilation will be published with all the selected songs under the banner of Amuze Records.
  9. We may use these songs for promotion of this or any other project in future from our end. We will give due credit to bands/artists wherever we will use those songs.
  10. Bands/artists who will be selected have to record their unpublished original material for this project in our studio.
  11. Amuze Records will bear all costs of recording of the songs at their studio. We will provide recording gears, engineer, 1 roadie, drum kit, guitar amps, bass amps. Mixing and mastering will also be done by us at our expenses.
  12. Bands will be provided a fixed studio time for their recording. For setup and sound-check the studio will be provided 1 day prior to the recording day.
  13. Failing to maintain the call-time will result in curtailing in recording time.
  14. In case it is required, hiring of  musical instrument/equipment is artist/band's responsibility.
  15. For stringed instruments, new strings should be used before recording. This includes bass as well.
  16. We may engage a video team to document the entire process.
  17. No raw footages/recordings will be provided to the bands/artists.
  18. Last date of applying in Metal Hack is 30th September 2017 23:59hrs IST.


For outstation bands/artists:

  1. Outstation Band/artist has to arrange for their own travel, food & accommodation.


For Kolkata bands/artists:

  1. We can not arrange for travels for bands/artists within the city
  2. Bands/artists are requested to setup 1 day prior to their recording for easy and speedy start next day for recording.