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The Foxtrot Project V2 receives appreciation from all over the country

Almost a month had passed after we successfully concluded the Foxtrot V2 tour and what we have got to share with all of you is a series of published account in esteemed dailies, journals, international magazines and webzines from all across the country appreciating our effort and that of artists for making Foxtrot V2 a success. Check it out.


Rolling Stone India had published a complete review of the album and also appreciated our work as promoter of original music and arranging for the tour. (Right)

May 2017 issue.

Popular music and entertainment magazine writes about Arijit and his effort in supporting the independent music scene. (Right)

The Hindu, Bangalore published a nice review for Foxtrot V2. June 2017. (Right)

The Times of India published a detailed account on World Music Day 2017 about what we have done and what kind of hurdles we had to cross to accomplish this mission. (Left)

Online youth culture webzine writes about our struggle. (Left)

Mid-Day Mumbai published an announcement article for Foxtrot V2. 21st Jan, 2017. (Left)