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Metal Hack: A project to hack everything else to nothingness

Metal Hack, as I have described in the last post, is an open project for all the bands who mainly play metal, but not limited to it. Any band that plays Thrash, Doom, Heavy Metal, Punk, Hard Rock, Speed and Groove Metal can apply for this project here. Continue reading Metal Hack: A project to hack everything else to nothingness

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Metal Hack: The back story

In the year 1991 I first heard the song ‘Janie’s Got A Gun’ by Aerosmith in a compilation named ‘Pepsi Beat’ and it was amazing. Four years later found out from my cousin that it was a song from Aerosmith’s album Pump. I got hooked to that particular style of music. Wailing guitars, fierce vocals, massive drum sound and solid & heavy underlying bass lines. Since then my journey started listening to a genre called Rock. Trotting with Scorpions, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden I graduated to Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Pantera and eventually got glued to Nirvana, RATM, Soundgarden, Bush, Greenday and what not. I was amazed that there is this music also being created and played by so many artists around the world while I was getting trained in Hindustani classical and Tagore songs, because that was the boundary of musical universe my parents had. My first introduction to western and English music was Mozart, Yehudi Menuhin along with ABBA and Carpenters around the age of 3 or 4. BonnyM and Michael Jackson came a lot later, around end of 80’s. Continue reading Metal Hack: The back story

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The Foxtrot Project V2 receives appreciation from all over the country

Almost a month had passed after we successfully concluded the Foxtrot V2 tour and what we have got to share with all of you is a series of published account in esteemed dailies, journals, international magazines and webzines from all across the country appreciating our effort and that of artists for making Foxtrot V2 a success. Check it out.


Rolling Stone India had published a complete review of the album and also appreciated our work as promoter of original music and arranging for the tour. (Right)

May 2017 issue.

Popular music and entertainment magazine writes about Arijit and his effort in supporting the independent music scene. (Right)

The Hindu, Bangalore published a nice review for Foxtrot V2. June 2017. (Right)

The Times of India published a detailed account on World Music Day 2017 about what we have done and what kind of hurdles we had to cross to accomplish this mission. (Left)

Online youth culture webzine writes about our struggle. (Left)

Mid-Day Mumbai published an announcement article for Foxtrot V2. 21st Jan, 2017. (Left)

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The Bodhisattwa Trio descended on The Piano Man

The Jazz-Rock trio yesterday descended on the stage of The Piano Man last night to win hearts. The band started their set with their staple kick-starter Section+Transcendence in the dimly lit Piano Man Club. The club had their reservations full on 24th itself.

The band stormed through the setlist comprising of Heart Of Darkness, Cronos, and Convergence (new tune for Foxtrot). They also played two of their new tunes Train To Auschwitz and American Dream. The band with finesse amazed the crowd. They earned a shower of compliments not only from the audience but also from the club owner, Arjun Sagar Gupta. This was a clear winner so far in the entire Delhi chapter of the Foxtrot album tour.

Their next stop will be Mumbai where they will play with Shonai at antiSOCIAL, Khar on 1st of June. The next gig today is Syncopation from 9-30pm.


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The FOXTROT Project V2 recording continues

The FOXTROT Project V2 recording continues with Rohan Ganguli and Arunava Sonai Chatterjee. However, the recording schedule of The Bodhisattwa Trio got postponed because of a medical condition the band leader developed in his left thumb and wrist. Continue reading The FOXTROT Project V2 recording continues

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The FOXTROT Project V2.0 recording has started

TBT with Tabea Louisa at CSM

Our compilation project The FOXTROT Project V2.0 has started with recording The Bodhisattwa Trio and Neel Sarkar Project. Last Saturday the Trio performed at Calcutta School of Music as a a part of their tour with German singer/composer Tabea Louisa. Arijit recorded the entire show as a part of archiving the entire gig and possibly salvaging at least one tune for the compilation is in the making.

#neelsarkarproject records for #thefoxtrotprojectv2 today. A glimpse of their beautiful track #niffari

A video posted by Arijit Chakraborty (@amuzerecords) on

Arijit will record The Bodhisattwa Trio again next month for capturing another new composition. This is going to be recorded at our studio which has been recently upgraded with new gears.

Next day to CSM recording, i.e. last Sunday, Arijit recorded Neel Sarkar with percussionist Pritam Sengupta with their acoustic track Niffari. Neel played a Persian Setar with Pritam accompanying on Duff. Their soft earthen sounding track will surely please the listeners.

The next recording is a choice between Syncopation and Rahul Guha Roy, whoever, fixes a date first. For the delhi based trio Syncopation, Arijit will be traveling to Delhi to record them in their studio. While Guha Roy has been preparing for the tracks he is intending to record between gigs and mixing sessions at our studio, the Delhi trio is sorting out scheduling conflicts and studio spaces for recording their share of contribution to be made in The FOXTROT Project V2.0

The band so far we have got confirmation from (apart from the two have already recorded) are:

  1. Syncopation
  2. Rahul Guha Roy with his ensemble
  3. Srinjay Banerjee with The Beer Puppets
  4. Maarten Visser and Holger Jetter duo
  5. Arunava Chatterjee with his ensemble