Recording Studio

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Rohan Ganguli at Amuze Records studio

Recording Studio

We have a recording studio which is unique as of now in Kolkata. Apart from a regular small shoe-box static studio we have a mobile setup that can be setup anywhere for recording just like a studio with multi-track recording setup. Be it a live performance or a jam/rehearsal, we are good at recording it.


So far we have recorded many notable artist’s performances. Some of which have been published from our record label and received critical acclamation. To know more about those recordings and their albums LOOK here.


Studio Gears

We have all the gears we need to record a band with dynamics and flavour unabridged. Our inspirations are producers who always looked at gears at hand the room available rather than trying to look for a perfect place to fit the band in.


CAD Stage7
Shure SM57(2) & SM58(3)
Shure SM27LC
Behringer C1
Blue Bluebird
Rode NT2A
Beyerdynamic TG I50d
Sennheiser e902, e906 & e614 (pair)
Audix i5 & D6

Cables: MX Snake, SR and Bespeco

Yamaha HS8
M-Audio AV40

Stands & Supports: K&M, Bespeco, Samson.


Amuze Records Studio Mic

Closed backs:
Sennheiser HD180 (4), HD280PRO & HD380PRO
Beyerdynamic DT 770M (80 ohms) & DT 770PRO (250 ohms)
Open backs:
Beyerdynamic DT 880 (600 ohms).

DI: Radial ProDI (2)
AI & Pre-amps
: Focusrite SaffirePro 40 and Behringer ADA8200
DAW & Plugins: Cubase 5 & Logic ProX. Waves, Voxengo, TRacks, Scarlett, etc.

Headphone amplifier: Behringer HA8000, HA400

Laney IRT Studio15 head with Marshall MG 412BCF Cab (Guitar)
Laney LV100 combo amp (Guitar)
Markbass Littlemark 250 amp head with Std. 102HF cab (Bass)
Laney RB3 (Bass).

Upgraded Studio

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