The publishing/release deal is the simplest with Amuze Records and even today we do not charge any money to our artists for only releasing music.

Our publishing/release deal is simple because we charge only for recording an artist and not for releasing their music. In the process of publishing if you take any services from us like CD pressing and packaging or portfolio shoots etc, then you will be charged according to the standard of the service. Our deal is the most lucrative one compared to what others are offering in India.

We sign bands with a condition of taking their copyrights and other related rights for us to legally distribute and sell their music worldwide. During this process, if we are recording we also own the master recording. This enables us monetise the material and get some money back for all of us. On the other hand, despite we owning the copyright, we let the artists to go to different label and promoters for bigger and better deals in future. Though we charge for recording and producing an artist, but since we have our own studio, so our charges are most competitive. Check out our studio HERE

Lastly we do not have a Vevo channel and if anyone has made any such claims regarding that, then please report to us.

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The albums are available mostly on digital platforms. and some of the albums, as mentioned in the catalogue, are available on CD and download cards. You can go to our store and order from there.

Our YouTube channel is where you can stream the albums relentlessly without any pause, so VISIT our channel and stream some good music. If you are keen to Apple Music, then you can find some of our catalogue material there as well for streaming. You can search by album name on Apple Music for streaming, however, some albums are missing songs because of the Profanity filter option in Indian territory.

We are not a big fan of giving our artists'  music to corporates like Apple, Amazon, Google and etc.