Services Offered

We offer services just like any other record label. In fact in some cases our deals are much better than what others are offering to the artists. Firstly we do not charge for publishing an album on digital platform. Secondly our paid services like album production are inexpensive however, at par with the professional standard. Lastly, we generally do not take copyrights from the artists for album production and publishing. This what we offer in gist.

services of Amuze Records

Recording Studio

Apart from our mobile studio setup, we have a static recording studio. it is situated at Owner/Founder Arijit's residence.


We release and publish artists whom we think have potential. Its not only a business decision, but also a decisionĀ based on many aesthetic parameters.


We manage and market our archived artists primarily through different self-sustained projects. One such independent project is in the making.

Lets get started....

Just give us a call with your requirements of services and we will take it forward from there. You can also write to us to letĀ one of us give you a call.