The FOXTROT Project V2.0

Update on 25th June, 2017.

The project is Complete

The Foxtrot Project V2 is successfully completed with a 5 city tour. The project received immense support from media, venues and fans. We have reviews coming from The Hindu, Times Of India, Rolling Stone India and Rock Street Journal. We have successfully put talented but new bands in the map of Indian independent music.

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Contribute for The FOXTROT Project V2.0

In 2014-15, we have done The FOXTROT Project to compile some contemporary original Jazz music originated in India in one album. We covered everything out of our own pockets back then. Now this time we would need a little help from you guys to get things going. Because we need money for many things like, logistics, making high quality CDs and most importantly arranging a release gig. Since only a niche audience appreciate Jazz music, hence we are unable to get fundings from commercial financiers or promoters. It seems that only the people who love the artists and supported us previously can help us. So we are sincerely looking forward to their help.


Contribution Terms:

  1. ₹500: A digital copy of the album, Digital of copy of last project’s album and name on the project page of our website
  2. ₹1000: 1+ Some exclusive photos.
  3. ₹2000: 2+ A CD with download card.
  4. ₹4000: 3+ T-shirt and entry to the grand release gig in Kolkata.
  5. ₹10,000: 4+Name on the CD inlay.

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FOXTROT-1 output:
You can have a look at The FOXTROT Project's output here:

FOXTROT-1 Press:
The FOXTROT Project has got featured and reviewed by Rolling Stone India and Rock Street Journal respectively.
Rolling Stone:

Press for FOXTROT V2 edition:

First announcement article by MID-DAY Mumbai. 21st Jan 2017 (print+web):
Rock Street Journal's article (web) on Arijit Chakraborty and his journey of FOXTROT on 8th May:
Rolling Stone India announcement article (web) on 10th May: (Rolling Stone is our Media Partner)
Listen to the preview of The FOXTROT Project V2:

What We Need & What You Get

  • We need around INR 350,000/- or more (Approx. $ 6,200) for us to finish the entire production process. We will spend the funds mostly on bringing the artists to Kolkata and producing the music. We have already spent Rs. 3,60,000/- for travel cost of the PAN India tour.
  • We included popular names like Maarten Visser (Chennai), Rahul Guha Roy & FriendsSyncopation (Delhi), Neel Sarkar Project and The Rohan Ganguli Quartet. Out of all previous stars, so far we could only confirm The Bodhisattwa Trio. Last addition to the project is Shonai, who apart from being an outstanding piano player and composer is a faculty at Calcutta School Of Music.
  • You will get some exclusive merchandise along with the album for your contribution.
  • Lastly if we dont reach our entire goal, we will invest some amount on our own to do a part of the project.

The Impact

  • This is important in today’s scenario of the country’s Instrumental music scene as very few musicians can actually fund their own project and release their experimental/contemporary work. It is because not only the bands are short of funds, but the record labels are also disinterested in these projects. So your contributions mean much more to those Jazz musicians than to me.
  • The previous project was entirely funded by me and was not crowd funded. However, I sought help from musical equipment sellers, venue owners, event managers for their contributions in kind. It was a successful effort. The album was praised by many celebrity musicians and media for the effort of bringing Jazz musicians together and providing them a platform.
  • Rather than listening to one band/artist, it will be a treat for you to experience a variety of music in one single compilation.

Risks & Challenges

So far there is no risk, as the bands/artists I approach are ace in their game and like the last time, we are sure that these honchos are not gonna disappoint anyone. More interesting thing is this time though we are recording the bands/artists live, but it will be in our studio, no hustling for dates.

Other Ways You Can Help

Keeping in mind the fact that not everyone can financially help, a word of mouth can also do wonders. If you think you can make it count by putting a word to the right person for any kind of help in this regard, then do not hesitate, we are pretty dry up here.

Kindly use website’s social tools to share this with your friends and families, you might not know that probably your friend or brother or niece is interested in these projects.

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