Independent Projects

we have started our record label with independent projects. The motive behind establishing a record label is to promote new talents and their music. So far the projects we have accomplished are with contemporary Jazz. Through these independent projects we market and promote the work of establish artists and newfound talents. So they are our key instruments of backing any talent who comes to us.

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The FOXTROT Project V2.0

This project is the continuation of The FOXTROT Project. However, his time we made different plans to travel across the country and record Jazz musicians. Now unlike last time, we are not so lucky and it is not possible for us to find any sponsor for this project. We now have scrapped the idea of traveling and inviting artists to come to Kolkata and record with us. Even to do that, we need a huge fund. It is beyond our capability to dispose of such large sum of money. Hence we are requesting our fans and friends to support us financially. This would require around ₹3.5 lac + INR (around $6200 USD) to complete the entire project. Your contributions are the only chance we have got now. You can go here and find out how you can help.
You can contribute here:

Now you can buy a Digital copy or CD of this compilation.

Metal Hack

It is an independent metal music project to promote local metal bands from India. So far we have only approached a very small fraction talents from the city whom we think can reach unto the standards of Indian metal legends like Millennium and Rock Machine.

If you think your band is good enough to compete the standards of the bands we have signed so far, then SUBMIT your demo for this project.

The FOXTROT Project

One of our first independent projects was The FOXTROT Project. This project was a contemporary Jazz compilation by Indian Jazz musicians. It started in 2014 and the album released in November 28th, 2015. Read more about this project here. It was successful as it received many rave reviews and appreciations from press as well as audience. Many musicians praised us for taking this step selflessly to promote Jazz music.

You can get a copy of this album here.

Independent projects