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Metal Hack: A project to hack everything else to nothingness

Metal Hack, as I have described in the last post, is an open project for all the bands who mainly play metal, but not limited to it. Any band that plays Thrash, Doom, Heavy Metal, Punk, Hard Rock, Speed and Groove Metal can apply for this project here.

The reason for doing this project is similar to 1980’s Metal movement that started in San Francisco bay area. Though now the context is different, however the reason is the same; making a platform for the talents to be heard by a bigger mass of audience. This form of music, though many would not want to admit, but is still appreciated and cultivated by many around the world. Young and old alike, this era also has the same breed of audience who are dedicated fans of this music. A major share of this global audience are from our country as well. For those metal heads, I thought about this project where bands would share their music without the fear of losing money over nothing, instead would get right kind of widespread audience base and proper promotion for their music. This would ultimately enable the fans to listen to music from their very own land created by talented musicians of the same soil. The concept is rooted in the same line of concept on which G.I.R was created many years ago. A fragmented industry is no better than a failed industry. The independent music circuit has grown a lot over the past two decades, but is still fragmented as it was in the 90’s. So to gain some momentum, we need to gather everyone around and make it a single unit in the country. The current project is sincerely aimed at that only.

The reason behind we urge all the bands to record with us is not that we have a world-class recording facility, but for something else. The reason we want the bands to record here is because we want them to play together for the recording. This will not only give anyone, listening to the recording, a feel of live performance but this may also work as an active portfolio for bands. The listener would get a perfect idea of how the bands sound like when they play live. This idea came in long time back when I used to listen to demos of local bands and as I knew most of them and when heard their demo knew that that wasn’t real, because they can not play like this during their live performances. Lots of bands even today send me demos with automated drum tracks, layered guitar work which as a standalone work sounds nice. However, they do not understand one simple thing that all this clockwork like recordings boil down to nothing if they cannot reproduce the same thing live, on stage. The facility we have and the method of recording which is already tested by many, have successfully accomplished recordings of at least 2 dozen bands/artists in India. Out of those, some of the recordings been released and got highly praised by international music critics, publications and reviewers. Anyone can get an idea of our facility and the space we have here.

The styles or genres of metal music we are looking for now are Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Thrash, Speed, Doom, Punk, and Groove Metal. I am not interested in including anything else at the moment. The idea is to bring each band to our studio and record 1 or 2 of their original compositions. Then make a compilation and release it through a show in Kolkata. We are also in talks with venues in other cities to host 1 band each from the compilation on their roaster every month. To understand today’s model of making money with music, one needs to admit first that only a meagre share of audience buys music worldwide. So making money with music is not possible by merely selling physical or digital copies of the band/artist’s music album. In today’s scenario, one needs to make album/EP or singles only as their portfolio and make money out of live performances. Hence, the recent project I am going to do is aimed at more visibility for these bands to a greater mass of audience and earning whatever amount of money is available by the process of touring. Please remember it doesn’t matter if your band is 15 years old or made only 1.5 years back. We want good content with sincere people playing that. We dont want a bunch of musicians seemingly employed in a group which they call a band. There is a difference between ‘I play in a band’ and ‘I have a band’. If you understand that, then this project is for you.

Now lastly, I wish not to bring in unnecessary discussions here and waste time, space and energy, but the ones who are trying to undermine this project, are fools and have no idea what’s going on. First of all understand as a music lover I am doing something to quench everyone’s thirst for listening to good music and that includes me as well. Naming a project is completely someone’s own prerogative and it should be left within the boundary of communicating the idea. It is impossible to please everyone, because if I were to name this project to please ‘you’, then it would be ‘Please understand I dont want to undermine your absolutely pathetic effort of wanking in the name of making a fool out of yourself metal(literally)’. However, I am not here to please ‘you’ so lets stick to ‘Metal Hack’ which is here to hack everything else into nothingness. The words and the phrase would mean many things but that is the least of my concerns.

Over the years I have come across different bunch in different places. Most of them I see nowadays have anything but complain about everything around them. They also have not achieved anything in life. Their major ambition in life is to copy someone or something with zero aspirations. The first thing that this breed learn to do after they learnt about adulthood, is to loath someone without any pretext or reason. Before they learn the meaning of songs and learn to read and write in english, they become rockstars and write songs. Of course there are others who are not as busy as these guys, but they are genuine and my effort is to bring those in the lime light. If you think you have it in you, then do not hesitate and apply with your demo here. Otherwise who gives a crap about what any one of you think. Talking non-sense while sitting on one’s back all day and then complaining about not getting paid enough is your innate problem. If you think that the name of this project insults you then cry to your mama.┬áIf you think that this country is not fair to you and your music, leave, we are already overpopulated. This way you will do us a big favour. If you dont know how to write an invoice or make your own EPK then pack your guitar and become a fast-food vendor or potato seller. No one will have any problem in observing their daily routine even if you with your sub-human understanding stop doing music forever. So stop whining and start working. You are either in or out, there is no middle.



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