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The FOXTROT Project V2.0 recording has started

TBT with Tabea Louisa at CSM

Our compilation project The FOXTROT Project V2.0 has started with recording The Bodhisattwa Trio and Neel Sarkar Project. Last Saturday the Trio performed at Calcutta School of Music as a a part of their tour with German singer/composer Tabea Louisa. Arijit recorded the entire show as a part of archiving the entire gig and possibly salvaging at least one tune for the compilation is in the making.

#neelsarkarproject records for #thefoxtrotprojectv2 today. A glimpse of their beautiful track #niffari

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Arijit will record The Bodhisattwa Trio again next month for capturing another new composition. This is going to be recorded at our studio which has been recently upgraded with new gears.

Next day to CSM recording, i.e. last Sunday, Arijit recorded Neel Sarkar with percussionist Pritam Sengupta with their acoustic track Niffari. Neel played a Persian Setar with Pritam accompanying on Duff. Their soft earthen sounding track will surely please the listeners.

The next recording is a choice between Syncopation and Rahul Guha Roy, whoever, fixes a date first. For the delhi based trio Syncopation, Arijit will be traveling to Delhi to record them in their studio. While Guha Roy has been preparing for the tracks he is intending to record between gigs and mixing sessions at our studio, the Delhi trio is sorting out scheduling conflicts and studio spaces for recording their share of contribution to be made in The FOXTROT Project V2.0

The band so far we have got confirmation from (apart from the two have already recorded) are:

  1. Syncopation
  2. Rahul Guha Roy with his ensemble
  3. Srinjay Banerjee with The Beer Puppets
  4. Maarten Visser and Holger Jetter duo
  5. Arunava Chatterjee with his ensemble
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