Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Before you send us an email, read all the FAQs and their answers. You may find your answer as well. Many of our clientele found this very helpful. Otherwise we are always there to guide you.

What is your fee of publishing an album

As long as you are releasing only on digital domain, we will do it for free. Its just that we also have to like your music.

What is the genre you prefer to release?

We are not biased with genre, but yes there are some styles of music we dont think we associate with well, hence wish not to include them in our catalogue.

Do you manage artists as well?

In a sense yes, but that depends upon the artist as well. Primarily we are an independent boutique record label and our work is to record and publish an artist. Managing comes much later and with experience we have seen that there is not much to manage these days. Its a free market. However, if you think managing means, getting gigs for you guys, then yes that's we do once in a while when the time is right for the band.

What are the channels on which you publish music digitally?

We have The Orchard at our disposal as our digital aggregator.

Whom should I contact if I am an artist and want to release my songs through your label?

You can contact at

Where should I submit my demos?

You can send the demo to our office at R/C-60, Raghunathpur, Kolkata-700059. India. OR email the (wav format preferable) files to Use Google drive or Dropbox to share the files. However, do go through this page before sending demos.

What do you actually do for an artist?

All things of different manner. Apart from helping the artist finding its place in the industry by placing their music in different output channels, we sometimes do things you won't generally expect us to do. We lend ears to your problems and support you in whatever way possible.

Where or how do I contact if I am interested in licensing a song or video from Amuze Records' artist?

You can send an email to or give us a call at +91-983097787. We will send you all the information.

Do you have your own studio? How do I hire it?

Yes of course we do. We have our own studio with professional gears. We can help record an entire album there. There's nothing much to hiring it. If you are on our catalogue, then you can record in our studio. For new artists you first have to be in contract with us.

Are your studio services free?

Sadly it is not. This is the only source of income we generate from our record label as of now. However, our charges are very little and economical. Please visit this page to know more.

Are you hiring? I want to work for your label, how can I do that?

As of now we do not have any vacancy. However, if you are creative enough to create a position for yourself, then we might change our mind.