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Delhi chapter of #thefoxtrotprojectv2 recording went down smoothly

The Delhi chapter of the recording #thefoxtrotprojectv2 went down well with Delhi based Jazz trio Syncopation. The recording took place at a makeshift DIY studio built inside band leader Rishie Raj Sachdeva's Noida Duplex.

The crew taken up almost the entire 1st floor to setup drum booth and double bass booth in two different rooms and guitar setup inside the control room itself. The first day when Arijit reached the place the gears were all ready to be setup. With the help of a local techie John, he finished setup the microphones and hardware gears by 8 in the evening. Next two days were amazing working with the band which produced two tracks. The band was happy with the sound and so were we.

The mixing will start sometimes around first week of March and expected to be done within a week. Check out a sneak peak of one of the songs.

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