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Pune chapter of The FOXTROT Project ft. TBT accomplished, after lot of troubles.

The Bodhisattwa Trio at High Spirits Cafe, Pune

The journey started with a call at 1:40 in the morning from The Bodhisattwa Trio frontman Bodhisattwa Ghosh. Drummer Premjit Dutta suddenly contracted cold and got fever. So we decided to get a proper accommodation while traveling to Pune. It was not a plan as the gig was in the evening around 9 and we were reaching the city around 12 noon. We thought we would spend the day sound checking and relaxing at the venue. But fate had something else stored for us. Continue reading Pune chapter of The FOXTROT Project ft. TBT accomplished, after lot of troubles.

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The FOXTROT Project V2 to be released on 21st May

After a lot of hard-work we are pleased to announce the release date of #thefoxtrotprojectv2 slated on 21st of May. Since the time of planning and inception of 2nd edition, a lot has changed in artist/band line-up. Continue reading The FOXTROT Project V2 to be released on 21st May

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Delhi chapter of #thefoxtrotprojectv2 recording went down smoothly

The Delhi chapter of the recording #thefoxtrotprojectv2 went down well with Delhi based Jazz trio Syncopation. The recording took place at a makeshift DIY studio built inside band leader Rishie Raj Sachdeva's Noida Duplex.

The crew taken up almost the entire 1st floor to setup drum booth and double bass booth in two different rooms and guitar setup inside the control room itself. The first day when Arijit reached the place the gears were all ready to be setup. With the help of a local techie John, he finished setup the microphones and hardware gears by 8 in the evening. Next two days were amazing working with the band which produced two tracks. The band was happy with the sound and so were we.

The mixing will start sometimes around first week of March and expected to be done within a week. Check out a sneak peak of one of the songs.

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The FOXTROT Project V2 recording continues

The FOXTROT Project V2 recording continues with Rohan Ganguli and Arunava Sonai Chatterjee. However, the recording schedule of The Bodhisattwa Trio got postponed because of a medical condition the band leader developed in his left thumb and wrist. Continue reading The FOXTROT Project V2 recording continues

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The FOXTROT Project V2.0 recording has started

TBT with Tabea Louisa at CSM

Our compilation project The FOXTROT Project V2.0 has started with recording The Bodhisattwa Trio and Neel Sarkar Project. Last Saturday the Trio performed at Calcutta School of Music as a a part of their tour with German singer/composer Tabea Louisa. Arijit recorded the entire show as a part of archiving the entire gig and possibly salvaging at least one tune for the compilation is in the making.

#neelsarkarproject records for #thefoxtrotprojectv2 today. A glimpse of their beautiful track #niffari

A video posted by Arijit Chakraborty (@amuzerecords) on

Arijit will record The Bodhisattwa Trio again next month for capturing another new composition. This is going to be recorded at our studio which has been recently upgraded with new gears.

Next day to CSM recording, i.e. last Sunday, Arijit recorded Neel Sarkar with percussionist Pritam Sengupta with their acoustic track Niffari. Neel played a Persian Setar with Pritam accompanying on Duff. Their soft earthen sounding track will surely please the listeners.

The next recording is a choice between Syncopation and Rahul Guha Roy, whoever, fixes a date first. For the delhi based trio Syncopation, Arijit will be traveling to Delhi to record them in their studio. While Guha Roy has been preparing for the tracks he is intending to record between gigs and mixing sessions at our studio, the Delhi trio is sorting out scheduling conflicts and studio spaces for recording their share of contribution to be made in The FOXTROT Project V2.0

The band so far we have got confirmation from (apart from the two have already recorded) are:

  1. Syncopation
  2. Rahul Guha Roy with his ensemble
  3. Srinjay Banerjee with The Beer Puppets
  4. Maarten Visser and Holger Jetter duo
  5. Arunava Chatterjee with his ensemble
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Driftwud releases teaser of their “Find Yourself In The Light” acoustic session

Around the beginning of October we recorded Bengali band Driftwud's live performance at Weaver's Studio, Ballygunj, Kolkata. This was pretty amazing to see that how the band leader ideated and executed the entire show. Starting from stage decoration to music, everything seemed tailor-made to suite the mood. Hence we made an exception and joined hands. Bengali band Driftwud-frontman Rajarshi is a physicist by profession but a guitar gadget junky by heart. The band's music is deeply inspired by Brit-Rock and Alternative Rock bands like Coldplay, U2, Oasis and Dave Mathews.

This live concert was a part of their first of many acoustic sessions the band is planning to do next year. So keep checking this space for more information.

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Most of our albums had made it to the news however, few are actually getting a sale

Our most albums so far we released, including a re-issue of Neel Sarkar Project is being appreciated in many places. However, if we talk about sales, then its at the rock bottom. Take the example of our September release of Kolkata Heavy Metal act ShredxXx which is now making rounds in Indian music scene. But so much for its hype of old school sound and treatment that they have been appreciated for by many reviewers and fans, this EP is not selling, not even making it to the threshold of distributable revenue. Continue reading Most of our albums had made it to the news however, few are actually getting a sale

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Lim & The Hellhounds records their first demo in 5 year existence

Lim & The Hellhounds

Lim & The Hellhounds have been constantly on the radar of our A&R as their music attracted us the first time we heard it. The opportunity came to us when the band frontman Rahul Guha Roy came to us with a proposal of recording their demo. Continue reading Lim & The Hellhounds records their first demo in 5 year existence

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The FOXTROT Project V2.0 is yet to begin

The FOXTROT Project V2.0 by Amuze Records, Independent Projects

At last we are at some ease and yet to start The FOXTROT Project V2.0, the continuation of 2015 Contemporary Jazz Compilation project which kick started our record label. After a lot of talks with artists, event organisers, promoters and festival organisers we are convinced that at least some people or (in saxophonist Maarten Visser’s word) dodos do want this project to continue even if it is at cost of some loss. Continue reading The FOXTROT Project V2.0 is yet to begin

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ShredxXx EP review ….Shredding it with a Sitar!

A very detailed and nicely put review of the recent heavy-metal release by us. Thanks to Bong Rong webzine for their support.

ShredxXx is a one of a kind band in that, where other bands from the glam metal/thrash metal world would rely on heavy riffs backing a face-melting guitar solo, shrieking the notes in the highest …”

Source: ShredxXx EP out– Shredding it with a Sitar!