The Animal Farm

The Animal Farm


Aidan Wyatt Syiem- Guitars, Vocals
Nehal Raj Pradhan- Drums
Aditya Kumar- Tabla
Mrinal Rai- Bass


Country: India
Genre: Garage, Alternative, Blues, Rock


The Animal Farm is an experimental garage band comprising of Aidan Wyatt Syiem (Singer-songwriter; guitar), Aditya Kumar ( Tabla; Sarode; Percussions), Mrinal Rai ( Bass Guitar) and Nehal Raj Pradhan ( Drums; Percussions).

The band initially started as a Pink Floyd influenced psychedellic band with Arithro Ghosh and Nehal Raj Pradhan as founding members. Aritro introduced Sarbik Guha his previous band member from Instant Karma on the vocals while Ima Rai joined in on the bass guitar. Later the band began experimenting and fusing Indian accents to the band with Aditya Kumar joining in on the tabla. After a year of starting out playing in different venues and local band competitions Ima left the band to be replaced by Aidan Wyatt Syiem on the bass.
Time and resource management eventually led to a lot of line up changes and rotations with Purab Riddhi Chaudhury (guitar) and Richick Banerjee (vocals) joining in for short time durations. Eventually the hastle led to Aidan taking over as the singer- songwriter and sole guitarist.

In 2016 spotted by Amuze Records owner during a solo acoustic session at popular do Jamsteady in Calcutta, Aidan was approached for an album deal. After striking a deal, around September the band started recording their debut album. However, the album production is in hold while band takes a break for Christmas holiday.