Swarnabha Gupta- Guitars, Sitar
Prithvi Sen- Guitars
Debarshi 'Bob' Chakraborty- Drums
Swarnava Sengupta- Bass
Sankalan Samaddar- Vocals


Country: India
Genre: Heavy-Metal, Progressive-Metal


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ShredxXx is a 5 piece heavy metal act from Kolkata, India led by Guitar & Sitar player Swarnabha Gupta. Incorporating the styles of Progressive Rock, Heavy Metal and Indian Classical, ShredxXx has cranked the art of ‘Rock n Roll’ing to a maximum overdrive. A unique blend of richly weaved tapestries of riffs ‘n’ rhythm paired with blistering guitar and sitar solos, ShredxXx have molded two conflicting genres into a fitting symbiosis. The Band started in 2014 when Swarnabha met Prithvi at a concert. They both wanted to form a shred band hence brought in Bob as the drummer and Rohit as the second guitarist. Bass player Swarnava came much later after auditioning many bass players. Finally in 2015 Sankalan joined their band when they started writing songs. The final line-up of their current album got finalised after signing up with Amuze Records.

ShredxXx released their self-titled debut album on the 16th of September, 2016 at the Princeton Club, Kolkata. This album/EP has received many accolades and appreciation from music bloggers and critiques in India and abroad. The band is currently going through a line-up change and working on the next album.