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The story behind Amuze Records
During the recording of Heart Of Darkness at "Lakkhichara @ Octaves"
Story behind Amuze Records
During the recording of Srinjay Banerjee Trio

The story behind Amuze Records

Welcome to Amuze Records! Our indie record label is a full service independent music production and publishing firm providing all different services to the musicians. Music enthusiast Arijit Chakraborty incorporated this label in 2015 to blend the service diversity of a large professional record label with the independence and mobility of a small a setup.

How it saw the light of day

We are a bunch of passionate guys trying to turn stones for good. Our journey started when Arijit started a different kind of studio, a mobile studio setup in Kolkata and started recording artists in 2012. The studio was converted into the record label in 2015 after we couldn't find any publisher to publish some of our recording work of some Jazz & Rock musicians. Thus started the journey as an independent record label.

The best part of being an independent label is we can be as small as possible. After we realised this, we had decided not to spend money on building glamorous websites, renting huge and plush office space to lure clientele, unwanted tie-ups with numerous stores (which eventually turns out to be a worthless thing to do) and keeping huge staff strength for just scratching their own heads. Instead we will keep our overheads at lowest to provide most inexpensive service possible to our musicians. So far it is a 3 man organisation and we have our vendors and partners to do the rest of the job for us.

Meet the Team

If you already met us, then there is nothing more to it, however, if you haven't, then merely reading this won't give any insight. We had just put it to put a smile on your face. Meet us in person and you may like us.

Self portrait

Arijit Chakraborty

Founder, Owner & Producer

An eccentric maniac, always running after some wild dreams.


Shoumo Bose


Easily get bored and not satisfied with an ease.


Sangita Chakraborty

Management & Accounts

Cranky wife, busy mother and hence hardly any time for our label. However, she is indispensable because of lot of other reasons.

Go ahead...

Get in touch with us for any query on recording, releasing or publishing your music.