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The FOXTROT Project V2 album

The FOXTROT Project V2

India's once of the biggest Jazz & Blues compilation and tour project coming your way on 21st MAY.

ShredxXx's EP

ShredxXx's debut 2016 EP is amongst significant heavy-metal releases in India.

Heart Of Darkness

Rolling Stone ranks Heart Of Darkness by The Bodhisattwa Trio amongst Top10 Indian albums of 2016.

Portraiture: Rahul Guha Roy Live Across Calcutta

Portraiture: Rahul Guha Roy Live Across Calcutta

Rolling Stone pins Portraiture a solid 3.5 stars out 5.

The FOXTROT Project V2.0 is ready to roll out for tour

The project is almost ready for release. Stay tuned for an exclusive preview. Next month after the release we are rolling out the PAN India tour from 24th May. You can get all the details of the tour from here.

Looking for roadies in Mumbai, Pune & Bangalore in May & June

We are looking for roadies for our #thefoxtrotprojectv2 PAN India tour starting 24th May. Yes it is a paid job without any compliments. Need 2 roadies in the following cities on these dates-

  • 1st & 4th June: Mumbai (Khar area)
  • 3rd June Bangalore (Ashok Nagar area)

Need 1 Roadie on 10th May in Pune (Koregaon Park area).

If you are interested, then contact us at info@amuzerecords.com