Soliloquy-Neel Sarkar-Digital release artwork


A nice tranquil musical journey into the mind of Neel Sarkar

The FOXTROT Project V2 album

The FOXTROT Project V2

India's one of the biggest Jazz & Blues compilation and tour project. Rave reviews and appreciations from all across the country

ShredxXx's EP

ShredxXx's debut 2016 EP is amongst significant heavy-metal releases in India.

Heart Of Darkness

Rolling Stone ranks Heart Of Darkness by The Bodhisattwa Trio amongst Top10 Indian albums of 2016.

Soliloquy CD
Metal-Hack Project
The Foxtrot Project V2
Upgraded Studio

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Looking for Metal and Hard-Rock bands for our next project.

We are looking for hard rock, heavy metal, punk, doom metal, thrash metal, speed metal and groove metal bands for our next project, Metal Hack. Apply with your demo here to get a chance to get recorded, released and promoted at our cost. If you are good, then you need not to think about anything else.

Apply today.

Looking for a video collaborator for our next project

We are looking for a video collaborator for our next project with a Rock 'N Roll band. We would need the following.

  • The behind the scene shoot during their preparations of road-trip in September.
  • A music-video for the promotion of their forth coming road-trip.

If you are interested, then contact us at